Meet the Baby Dinosaurs Experience

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The perfect adventure for all dinosaur fans

Baby Dinosaurs


Monday 26 August

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10.30am - 11.45am
12.30 - 1.45pm
2.30 - 3.45pm

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Travel advice for getting here:
Work has started on the Tyne Tunnel and the northbound tunnel will be closed at weekends, including Bank Holiday Monday, 26 August. If you are coming to this event and using the Tyne Tunnel to get here, we advise starting your journey earlier as traffic will be slower than usual due to the southbound tunnel being down to only one lane in each direction.


Meet the Baby Dinosaurs Experience

in association with Funcast Character Company

Have you ever wanted to pet a pachycephalosaurus?

Get together with a Triceratops?

Or tickle a T-Rex under the chin?

Now’s your chance as you join our team of intrepid adventurers on an adventure of Jurassic proportions as we give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with our baby dinosaurs.

It’s a perfect adventure for dino fans from ages 5 – 12 but anyone is welcome to join the adventure. You’ll get to learn all about these adorable dinosaurs from our expert handlers in this hands on experience that is both educational and entertaining for all the family. So come along today and earn your diploma in dino know how and begin your training as a palaeontologist of the future.

(Just hope the Uta raptor has had their lunch before you arrive!)